2338 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, Illinois


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Cole’s is a straightforward kind of place. A bar that silently mocks all manner of themed and trend chasing drinkeries struggling to first they’re way into industry publication. Good intel asserts that Cole himself is a good guy and will most often be found pouring drinks behind the bar. His recipe for success is pretty simple; combine equal parts beer and alcohol with an unequivocal lack of pretension and the medley yields an always busy bar.

The space, like many in Chicago is long and narrow. First comes the pool table, then the bar on the northwest wall with sometimes cramped and awkward low tables across from it. Further back past a curtain is a stage room. Whether the art on the wall is deliberately satirical or honestly meaningful, its variety and eccentricity draws a near perfect parallel to the appraising patronage. Cole’s brings together an eclectic crowd from all sorts of social strata.

Beer offerings start at PBR and as the price goes up the offerings expand through the roughly 7 draughts and 20 to 30 bottles and cans. Standard offerings in the spirit department will provide standard mixed drinks and shots.

The pool table in the front is always occupied whereas the stage in the back may be host to rock and roll, an acoustic set, stand up comedy, or simply vacant for the night. Regardless of what's going on in the back the lights up front are bright and the music is loud, pumping out a variety of genres to match its diverse clientele.

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