The Continental


2801 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


Bottles and Cans Classic Cocktails Craft Beer Disc Jockey

This bar conforms with the screenless charter


The qualification of this bar is suspect

Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Or is it nothing good happens after 2am? Either way we all know that yes, these fundamentals are usually worth heeding. However, there are risks worth considering. What if something good does happen after 2am? What if something incredible, amazing, and fantastic happens after 2am? That is why you go to Continental, because its open until 5am.

Situated in a slightly industrial part of town the continental draws a hard drinking, hard rocking crowd from the surrounding neighborhoods. Not that you're going to notice at 3am, but the gigantic antique bar that greets you at the door emits a muted glow than is under constant threat by a flatscreen perched on its left shoulder. I have never seen it on and more than one bartender told me it is rarely used, especially at night.

Without electronic distraction the barkeeps are eager to serve you a PBR or a shot of Malort from their extremely average collection of bottle beer and spirits. But hey, lets be honest, if you are drinking craft beer at 3am, everyone secretly judging you. Across from the soft din of the bar, up against the exposed brick wall are a few booths where you might overhear a heated debate about the merits of the locavore ideology or perhaps the hotness to crazy ratio of the sketchy cute girl in the corner.

A venture further into the depths of this late night hipster prom reveals lounge seating around a small dance floor adjacent to an elevated DJ booth. The tunes vary from the latest electro indie pop to vintage soul and the dance floor can be packed and sweaty or just a place to mingle and attempt a conversation.

If some altitude is required, retire upstairs to the game room, complete with billiards, pinball, and sit down pac-man. Inviting booths line the east wall and in the northwest corner a small bar alleviates a precarious journey down the stairs for libations.

Good things can happen after midnight.

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