Long Room


1612 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, Illinois


Whiskey Classic Cocktails Draught Beer Craft Beer Outdoor Space

This bar conforms with the screenless charter


The qualification of this bar is suspect

Spoiler alert! Its a room and its long, however the twist is that there is a bar in it as well. A few paces away from the corner Ashland and Irving Park Road is not the most predictable place for a saloon devoid of the flashing screens to be located, but with nearly all the stools and tables full on a Thursday evening, the locals, a vibrant crowd of hip young urban professionals, seem to approve.

Unsurprisingly the bar is long, though not as long as the room, and runs down the east wall. Past the bar is a low table habitat, some are at ground level and some sit perched on a platform that would do nicely as a stage if needed. In the very rear through an opening, is a small back room with another table and a photo booth. South of the stage seating is a door on the west wall leading to a lovely outdoor area complete with tiered seating and partial roofs and awnings.

Long Room has about a dozen beers on tap to choose from and in the icebox is a respectable collection nearing triple digits. The other specialty of the house is whiskey. Of course the basics are on hand for the clear spirit set but it is the bourbon and scotch collection that is carefully curated.

The lights are low and the staff jockeys digital music to suit the surroundings. Chill would be the modern nomenclature.

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