1227 W 18th St, Chicago
Chicago, Illinois


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At the end of the 19th century John Dusek commissioned Thalia Hall, a multipurpose community center for the primarily Czech and Slovak, Pilsen neighborhood. The building offered storefronts on 18th street, residential housing, and a public hall modeled after the Prague opera house. Although the hall closed to the public in the 1960’s it received landmark status in the 1980’s and was revived and repurposed in 2013.

Punch House resides in the underbelly of the historied Thalia Hall. Honorable to its namesake, exceptional punch is available in many varieties as well as a finely curated list of classic and modern cocktails. Wine and an extensive beer list supported by Dusek's directly above is also available.

The room itself is long, narrow, and dark, with the bar lining the west wall and booths the east. The focal point of the space is a fish tank behind the bar, patrons with good timing are offered a shot when its time to feed the fish. At the north end of the room the DJ booth pumps out any variety of nightly whimsical themes while keeping court over a retro living room set. The cozy corner scene is consummated by wainscot and shelves evocative of grandmas house, complete with the kitchy tchotchke. Pull the tiki statue on the east shelf and the entire wall swings open revealing overflow for busy nights or a space for private parties.

Warm, dark, and loud is the modus operandi at Punch House, get cozy or shake a leg as all types of leisure are welcome here.

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