1150 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


Bottles and Cans Classic Cocktails Draught Beer Dive

This bar conforms with the screenless charter


The qualification of this bar is suspect

Seriously. Seriously? Question mark or not, when are curators of this Chicago landmark going to let someone perform on the rad stage behind the bar? Yeah, some glasses might get broken but the pictures would be worth it. Offstage the unobstructed space creates a soothing atmosphere great for a laid back meet up.

The subtle T-shaped bar dominates the south end of the space and is accessible from nearly every angle. The mustachioed bartenders have a stately selection of beer on tap as well as several bottled options. The spirits are stowed below the bar with the vinyl but they surely have the ingredients for nearly any concoction you can come up with. Do not order a round of Malort however; they will be bereaved when they can not accommodate you. Do be patient with your drink orders though, as in addition to their drink-mixing responsibilities the barmen might have to flip a record or two on occasion to maintain the bohemian mood.

Opposite the bar are a few agreeable booths and in the far corner an accommodating couch to exchange tattoo tales on. Add to the equation an old Galaga game, a pinball machine, a photo booth and most importantly walls adorned with revolving artwork (I was especially taken by the collection of mug shots the last time I was there) and the end result is hipster utopia. There is an old 24 inch tube television inhabiting the roof of the photo booth but I got assurances that the thing has been turned on less than a handful of times in the last ten years. Stop by, soak in the local color and start working on your mustache.

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