2149 South Halsted Street
Chicago, Illinois


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On a humble industrial corner in southwest Pilsen stands a structure that the evils of television will never spoil. A haughty claim, though once inside the evidence is indisputable. The cavernous interior is an uncommon blend of spacious and airy yet dark and dusty. Decor is an intermingling of kitsch and antique. The ancient bar runs along much of the north wall and only need stock the basic spirits for the artists, hipsters, blue collar southsiders and general eclectics that warm the bar stools. Beer selection is a little more extensive with about 10 taps and assorted bottles varying from the wonted PBR, to domestic micros and small batch brews. Prices are affordable too, $6 will buy nearly everything on the beer list and a PBR and a shot of Malort is only $5.

Across from the bar are some small bar tables and a row of booths against the wall. At the front of the room is a retro living room scene setup on a low stage which is used for the occasional rock show. In the rear of the room are more bar tables and half a dozen vintage easy chairs paired around low tables. A pinball machine juts out from the south wall separating the front of the bar to the rear and an old photo booth in the back sums up this cultural epicenter of the hipster condition.

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