The Burlington

3425 West Fullerton Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


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This bar conforms with the screenless charter


The qualification of this bar is suspect

The aura inside the Burlington glimmers through a variety of unique light fixtures giving it the ambiance of a late night cafe meeting of revolutionaries. Typical of early 19th century Chicago commercial architecture, the space is long, narrow, and covered with a textured tin ceiling. Long pews run along the east wall opposite of the bar and are dimly lit by candles atop low tables creating a snug seating area.

Running nearly the entire length of the space, you will find the Burlington’s bar to be stocked with the standard spirits as well as indie fan favorites including Malort and PBR. On tap a variety of local and national craft beers are available, do not miss the house ale. Perched over the bar looms a foreboding flat screen television that threatens to infiltrate the delicate integrity of this popular Chicago niche. However, in my dozen or so visits, I have never seen it on and believe it is only used once a month for a bad movie night. Which, for now, will keep The Burlington at the top of my list. Aural entertainment is provided nightly by a conglomeration of DJs. Be prepared for everything from modern pop to eighties punk. Come early to get a seat and if you come late be prepared for an impromptu dance party.

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  • Dispute - I just watched Hard Target there last weekend while getting drunk. Great bar, but there is definitely a big screen tv in there. Refer to the first picture featured on this page.