Tiny Lounge


4352 N Leavitt Street
Chicago, Illinois


Craft Cocktails Draught Beer Bottles and Cans Wine Lounge

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Deftly hiding next to a hulking, tawdry sports bar, this refined oasis provides refuge from the offensive HD spilling out of the windows next door, and has somehow managed to avoid diluting its sharp clientele despite the high profile of its new location. The brightly lit outdoor seating in front and a small frosting on the glass door tips off would be patrons to the entrance. Transition from the outdoors is unnoticeable with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors spanning the entire street-side wall.

Tiny Lounge is decorated in simple, earthy tones. Long, lightly hued horizontal lines protrude intermittently from the walls and contrast with the dark gravitational tones of the tables, booths, and floor. The light-colored bar and area behind look lifted right out of an architectural publication. It runs along much of the north wall and is accompanied by modern beige stools, emphasizing the warmth of the space. Across from the bar, tall dark tables and bright chrome stools balk in contrast to the mellow tones of the walls and bar. Further into the space, tall tables descend into low tables and eventually into dark booths lit solely by the flickering candles littered throughout the room. West of the bar is a niche carved out by a tall table and low couch for more private imbibing.

The cocktail menu is straightforward, refreshing and creative. A collaboration by three or four insiders from the original location, the menu is a bit departed from when the space was tinier, a little noisier, and the Brown Line ran above. Avoiding the cocktail menu would be a mistake but if it must happen the dozen or so beers on tap will meet most beer drinkers' criteria, and if not the diverse bottle beer selection tops 80 unique varieties. Both typical and unusual fine spirits stand in formation on the bar shelves, framed by light and spaced uniformly, and the back bar remains free of the typical clutter found in similar establishments. Aural entertainment provided by an unknown source was upbeat, indy dance pop, electronica and hip pop all preserving the sophisticated yet mellow temperament of the room. The tunes, light, and tones make for a very pleasant atmosphere to take in a relaxing cocktail or exotic barley pop.

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