3659 W Armitage Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


Outdoor Space Bottles and Cans Draught Beer Wine Craft Cocktails Craft Beer

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One of the great thing about Weegees’ is its geography. Some might say its a bit out of the way, off the beaten path, in the sticks, but its one of the many strongholds of the classic Chicago neighborhood corner bars. That being said, it’s also fair to say that it’s something of a destination drinkery. Not a whole lot of foot traffic, but that's how the regulars like it. It just may just be this locale that makes for the unpredictable clientele but the mystery is also part of the appeal.

The barroom is long and narrow like many of its more frequented brethren and the bar occupies most of the east wall. On the west wall a couple of low tables guard the front door, a coveted shuffleboard table covers the back door and a few high tables supervise a hardworking photobooth on the back wall. Out the back door is a large patio complete with subservient black metal patio furniture and ash trays.

The beer menu is respectable with about seven choices on draft and a few dozen in bottles and cans, including many local options. The cocktails will need to be tested in the near future. The crowd is laid back though not over friendly and a comfortable atmosphere is maintained by the bar men with a mixture of jazz, soul, and blues. Though it might be a little out of the way, take a trip to Weegees', a thoughtful and commodious experience awaits.

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