229 Roebling St
Brooklyn, New York


Bottles and Cans Classic Cocktails Draught Beer Craft Beer

This bar conforms with the screenless charter


The qualification of this bar is suspect

Passenger Bar is beautiful. The vaulted ceilings with exposed support beams. The towering domed bar somehow complimenting the straight lines and symmetry throughout the rest of the space. The dimly lit Edison bulbs. All tied together with industrial minimalist flair. And though appearances can deceive Passenger Bar proves in a multitude of ways that its beauty is not only skin deep.

Behind the bar there is a variety of fun to be had. Of course there is the customary stack of spirits as well as the finely curated draft list, saluted by the diverse bottle farm chilled in quarantine. But with nearly half a dozen tall cans available, who could settle for a mere 12 ounces?

With libation procured the space begs to be explored. Head upstairs to a huddled loft and snag one of the few booths offering an alpine view of the bar and tables below. Conversely, find refuge directly below in a capricious conversation nook the doubles as front row seats for the iPad powered photobooth that shares the alcove.

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