416 S Park St
Madison, Wisconsin


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Mason Lounge is the kind of college bar that can rekindle faith in the next generation. Although its not steps from the University campus, the surrounding neighborhood is predominantly transient students and student groupies. Yet it feels, more french salon than beer pong and flip cup emporium. Don’t not get too nostalgic though, there are still kids drinking and carrying on. Only here it seems the topics of discussion wander into coursework and current events more frequently than celebrity gossip or reality television. It’s refreshing.

Eavesdropping comes easy in the cozy congenial space. There are a variety of table configurations, nooks and crannies, couches, and even a stage area. The bar runs most of the length of the north wall and stocks a connoisseurs definition of a decent selection of beer, wine, and spirits. 15 to 20 ales and lagers on tap and about 30 in the bottle. Music is handled by the barkeep or on rare occasions the bards of the house. With all the amenities offered its a great option for students and the less professional of learners alike.

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