Natt Spil

211 King St
Madison, Wisconsin


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It’s difficult to pin down exactly what makes this alcove so unlike any other, but everything from the ceiling decor to the compelling crowd contribute to birth a lively nighttime utopia just east of the state capitol building. Because the place serves food with a reputation nearly as good as the ambiance, a brief interaction with a hostess might be required depending on the clock on the wall.

Once across the threshold a small bar and kitchen combo to the right try to maintain semblance in the reaching narrow space. Modern and industrial art not only cover, but at intervals protrude from, and eventually become one with the walls and ceiling. Low tables and bench seating surround the bar vying for attention as a ramp to an intimate rear room refuses to recognize its place in the hierarchy.

In the rear of the space keeping court from its elevated veranda the compact DJ booth obediently erupts earthy sounds at the DJs direction and with the windows wide open in the summer any manner of funk, dub, soul or any embodiment of cool spills out onto King street.

The bar stocks a haughty boutique of spirits heavier in the browns, a reputable wine list, and very healthy beer selection that most beer snobs would not turn their noses up at. Though the space gets a little tight on the weekends, a pinch of Wisconsin friendliness and little patience goes a long way and might get you a gratis pour from the barman. Cool in attitude but sometimes a little warm in temperature this shadowy niche is great for conversing and relaxing or grooving and being seen.

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