The Malt

2609 E Washington Ave
Madison, Wisconsin


Outdoor Space Bottles and Cans Classic Cocktails Draught Beer Wine Whiskey Rare Import Beer Craft Beer

This bar conforms with the screenless charter


The qualification of this bar is suspect

Head northeast, away from the capital on East Washington for the very elusive, TV-free neighborhood bar experience. Though its right on one of Madison’s busiest streets, even from the commodious patio the relaxing atmosphere of the local option envelops the most sensitive of patrons.

Inside, a long bar, interspersed with taps, lines the northeast wall, while low tables fill in the rest of the disposable space. Many of the bar stools and tables will be occupied nearly every day of the week. Its no secret that The Malt House prides itself on it’s suds and though there are only 18 on tap they are rotated frequently. Bottle selection is the house forte with options in the triple digits. Spirit enthusiast are not left out and may even be rewarded with a noteworthy offering of the good stuff. Whiskey enthusiasts especially will want to undertake the flight experience.

The lights are low but not too low and the aural engineers behind the bar keep the music even keeled and thoughtful. The Malt House is the quintessential example of what makes Madison great. How many other cities can you find a local beer bar in a blue collar neighborhood that has no interest in the flashing picture box?

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