Palm Tavern


2989 South Kinnickinnic Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Bottles and Cans Classic Cocktails Draught Beer Whiskey Rare Import Beer Craft Beer

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The space is boxy and well kept with a touch of industrial sophistication. The monolithic bar, to protect its trove of aged whiskeys and fine spirits, juts out acutely from the south wall with clean dark lines and sharp angles. Foreboding as it may appear, a welcoming word from the knowledgeable barman will have your elbows rested on its dark grains post haste. Across from the bar, standard seating collects in front of diamond plate bolted to the wall. At the front of the room more accommodations, tall and short, sit under, and adjacent to large glass block windows which lets in let in light from the bright street lights outside.

The beer list boasts only top quality brew, many from exotic locales or small batch breweries and can satisfy a draft thirst 25 different ways. If bottled suds are acceptable, choices exceed 200. If something a little harder is required Palm can set you up 100 different ways, whiskey wise. That is not a typo, 200 and 100 respectively. Yes, the owners of Palm and Sugar Maple, which are one and the same, do not half-ass things. There is bound to be some overlap but if enjoying the same beverage more than once is the only concern, it is a welcome one for any saloon maven.

The music in the background was neither engaging or bothersome which suits this post well. If Sugar Maple is the beer lovers heaven, Palm Tavern is the beer connoisseurs secret club. A great set up.

Comments (2)

  • Deena Rowe vouched for Palm Tavern

  • Cool place! Nice atmosphere with dark red walls and embossed tin ceiling. The bartender was very competent and knowledgeable. They have an interesting cocktail menu with some incredibly unique combinations of ingredients. During my visit the music was eclectic, and some of it was a bit of a distraction when it was not to my taste and a tad too loud, but that's the only negative, and it's a minor one. I recommend the place!