441 E. Lincoln Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Outdoor Space Bottles and Cans Classic Cocktails Draught Beer Live Music Craft Beer

This bar conforms with the screenless charter


The qualification of this bar is suspect

Light streams in from the front windows as well as the glass blocks along the west wall to create a luminous atmosphere embracing a more coherent mood than the usual drinkery. The long curvaceous bar emerges from the east wall and runs most of the length of the capacious barroom. Behind the bar, lined up in neat groups of ten, are the 60 unique taps. 60 beers on tap. 60! And not a mass domestic, or even institutional import for that matter, among them. On its dais reigning over the taps, a venerable collection of browns and clears accommodate a cocktail man though there is no question which libation really rules this land.

Across from the bar is a mishmash of seating accommodations. Couches and coffee tables, high bar tables, and a few knights of the round tables excel at facilitating the beer exchange that goes on between friends. With the expansive stable of beer available at the bar, sharing must be encouraged to get a good sample of what the taps at the Sugar Maple have to offer.

Head past the bar to the rear of the space for more settings to imbibe in. A door on the east wall leads to a small outdoor patio complete with what could be a beer pong table, but for the sake of all the beer snobs out there let’s hope its only used for the ping version of that game.

A further meander past the patio doors and a few more tables and chairs leads to a cozy and inviting performance space. Tables, modern chairs and benches clutter the chamber and an upright piano in the corner helps to facilitate any number of musical brands.

Throughout the bar laid back mellow tunes mix with conversation and the light air, creating a cool but friendly space. A beer lovers heaven.

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  • You may want to call first before heading here and be sure it's a regular open night. When I tried to stop here for a drink on a Tuesday evening, they were having a ticketed event which was sold out, so we were turned away.